Schedule for 2006-1 session 

Jan 6th thru April 14th 



Welcome to the web site of  the North Central Kansas Pool League. This is a Billiard Congress of America (BCA) pool league in Salina, Kansas.  Our league plays 3 sessions a year with each session lasting for 15 weeks. Each session is used to qualify teams for our National Qualifier in order to send teams to the National BCA 8-Ball Championships,  held in Las Vegas each year.   Our league is composed of a mixed league, teams need both men and women. Teams are handicapped so all teams can remain competitive. Improve your skills in a positive and friendly environment. Come on out and join the fun!!!
This site is under constant construction, but you are welcome to have a look around. Below you will find a quick link reference to the schedules,  standing sheets, rules, our guest book, and other parts of the current web site.



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Click here to see some of the pictures taken over the past few years.
I have also added the team pictures for the 2001-3 session
I have also added the team pictures for the 2001-4 session
I have also added the team pictures for the 2002-1 session

In Memory of our friend and fellow league member  

Bob,  you will be sorely missed.

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